Syber Technology is a new gamer in the IT solutions indusry quickly leading the market into a new level of support, IT systems architecture, and Cloud based solutions that offer redundancy,availability and scalability .

Syber Technology is member of C.C.T Group that holds a complete IT service through multi companies, ranging from Hardware, Networking, Licensing, Power Solutions to service and implementation. 

Syber Technology esnures its clients an all time active IT system and infrastructure by using the newest available technologies offered by major vendors from software, storage, networking, platforms and virtualization. 


Syber Technology's target is to become a major player in the Middle East Market and abroad through collecting certified engineers and experienced personnels in addition to the utilizing the latest standards and workflows to ensure finishing IT projects before deadlines , efficiently and in accordance to design. 


  • Syber Technology believes in business partnership to improve performance and clients service efficiency, this is why we have multiple business partnerships with major vendors and even local IT solutions providers , DSPs and ISPs.
  • Microsoft 
  • Syber Technology is a Microsoft Partner where we believe Microsoft solutions is a miletonse for any IT system in this world! This is why we are very proud in being a partner and Microsoft Solution provider, Cloud Business Solutions Provider and Office 365 License and Solution Provider.
  • Kaspersky
  • Security is becoming the first issue to prevent business models to improve, especially businesses that rely mostly on IT infrastructures. Kaspersky is well proven defense system against any malware, trojans,viruses and specifically Ransomeware that has been hindering IT systems worldwide! We are a Kaspersky License and Serivice Provider to help IT system, system engineers, IT managers and all other clients relief of hacking fear or IT system infections. 
  • Veritas 
  • Veritas Backup solutions have provided the best service available in the market, this is why we chose to be a Veritas Backup Solutions provider ranging from Veritas DLO to Veritas Backup Exec to Enterprise Vault.Cloud and to the newest 360 Data Management Suite.


Project Management
We do believe in time management to accomplish successful projects , we try to finish our projects fully and at time so we do not sacrifice any service quality or system performance.

Syber Technology is becoming failry quickly a leader in IT Solutions Projects especially in the Fiber Related networks with cutting edge servers for billing clients used by ISPs.

In addition, we are pioneering the way for SMEs in Lebanon to shift to Cloud in partnership with Microsoft , a leader in cloud based solutions, where we provide transition solution to Office 365 and all related technology solutions.

In addition to providing the platform, Syber Technology also provides the software solution to make businesses ready for work.
We provide ERP software solutions for SMEs to help them manage and control Recruitment, HR, Payroll, Processes Flow, Stock Management, Production Management, Accounting and others.
We also provide CRM solutions linked to Microsoft Outlook or Office 365 to provide seamless synchronization and control with centralized database platform and dynamic business work flow.

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